Senior Partner

Steve Leinenbach

Mr. Steve Leinenbach spent 33 years in domestic and international management and manufacturing for Ralston Purina Company, Agribrands, International, and Cargill Animal Nutrition where he held positions from Plant Manager to Vice President of Manufacturing. He lived three and a half years in Mexico City, where he was President and General Manager of Agribrands Purina Mexico, the largest animal and aquaculture feed manufacturer in Mexico.

Mr. Leinenbach joined Safety by Design in 2004 as the Chief Executive Officer. Safety by Design is a home security hardware company.

Always operating with a plan in mind, Mr. Leinenbach's management philosophy focuses on openness, honesty, and accountability. These characteristics have contributed to Mr. Leinenbach's success in his start-up operations, which include establishing a stand-alone manufacturing and engineering department within Agribrands International. He also headed a company initiative, the "Product Steering Group" whose purpose was to enhance the Purina brand image and re-establish the company as the technical leader in worldwide animal nutrition.

Mr. Leinenbach received his Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural engineering from Purdue University in 1971. He and his wife currently reside in St. Louis, Missouri.

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